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released January 4, 2014

Recorded at Legion Studio Productions, Williamstown and Cardinal Sound, Byron Bay.
Written by Adam Harris, Dan Brown and Luke Jackson at Cardinal Sound
Mixed and mastered by Julian Renzo, Legion Studio Productions.



all rights reserved


I AM DELARGE Melbourne, Australia

Featuring current and ex members of Hallower, Jack The Stripper, The Amity affliction and Confession.

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Track Name: The Square
Welcome to the new misery, the sound of pure apathy, tonight the masses revolt, with our defiant eyes. The fire lit beneath us rages so furious, in a perfect display of defiance. This is the sound of apathy. We all bare witness, the perfect execution of subliminal order and domination. Now we all bare witness, total and utter collapse of a perfect display of defiance. The fire lit beneath us rages so furious, order and complete domination. We walk the path they laid before us with walls built high into the black. Now we are all witness to total collapse, the price has now been paid, we are walking dead, the perfect execution of order.
Track Name: Hook and Cleaver
You’re already dead you just don’t know it yet. Do not fear what you cannot see, or the beasts that walk beside you and haunt your dreams, be afraid, be afraid, ‘cause I am coming for you, ‘cause my friend, I’m afraid of what the fuck I will do.
The light is stained and shrouded by the bitter grey, I’ve never felt so cold and stripped of all mercy. Fear not what you cannot see, this is between you and me. One by one I will leave you slain, unrecognizable to those you love, what the fuck can you do.
Track Name: Endless
Place me at the right hand of the devil, I have already been there, tell me lies of darker places, but all I see is familiar faces. We never stray too far from the darkened path.
Across the river, through the gates, I see worse every fucking day, the end does not await, we’re already there. Show me the many faces of evil, I have already seen them, I am forever desensitized by the hell on which we tread everyday. So set the stage for our decent beyond our darkest reaches, our rise has been and gone, our fall is endless. Our rise has been and gone, all our hope is lost, and now our fall is endless.
Track Name: Modern Day Savage
I am the reaper man, and I have come to collect. I am the reaper man, so give me what I came here to get. The time for reason has long been gone, full scale devastation has already begun. Make your move toward that place, that place where the savage in us all is awake. I’ve heard it all and now I have heard enough of it. Now we are at the peak of frustration, sanity is slipping away from us, we made our move toward that place, and now the savage in us all is awake. Leave their bodies for all to see, let us bask in their defeat. I’ve heard it all and now I have heard enough, choose your next words carefully they may be your last.